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Pond Filters & Pond Pumps

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More sub catagories:
Accessories and Spare Parts
Accessory and spare parts for pond filters. Spare lamps for UVC - clarifiers

Air Pumps, Freezing Preventers
Pond aerators offer a great advantage not only in the summer.
The constant movement of the water prevents a complete freezing of the pond and fed your fish continue with oxygen.

Indoor Ponds, Patio Ponds, Mini Ponds
A pond, however small, introduces peace and quiet to what is often a hectic life. Reflected light from the water, with aquatic plants, creates a very special atmosphere. The mini-pond from Velda is a unique colourful (water) plant basket made from synthetic for use outdoors and indoors throughout the year!

Pond & Water Care Products
Here you will find many products and supplements for healthy and clear pond water. High quality pond care products ensure clear pond water and support the natural balance in your garden pond.

Pond Filter Sets - Ready to run
Here you can find our products for your garden pond, in many different combinations, gathered into sets ready for use. The sets are for 12.000l – 90.000l ponds, some of them include skimmers, UV sterilizers, fountain pumps and hoses that alow you to install and operate them easily.

Pond Filters & UV Lamps
In this category you can find algae and pond filters, Bio-pond filters and floating skimmers.

The UV-pond clarifier can be effectively used against swimming algae. Because of these algae the water in the pond has a dirty aspect. The algae are needed in small quantities in every pond as they generate oxygen. Larger quantities prevent the establishing of a biological balance. The UV-pond clarifier impedes the growth of swimming algae and helps maintaining a clear water.
Bacteria and swimming algae are destroyed by the irradiation of the UV-Lamp. The cell membranes of the algae are broken, the swimming algae agglutinate and as a result they can be better filtered.

Pond Fish Feed
Velda products are made to the highest quality standards.

Pond Illumination, Pond Spotlights, Pond Lamps, Underwater Lights
Let your pond shine in avery special light. Plants, waterfalls, fountains illuminated by one or more spotlights, single or multi-coloured can draw attention to your garden pond and its decorative objects placed around or under water.

Pond Protection
A beautiful pond attracts not only friendly minded guests. Cats or herons can be a pest and ask for your pond inhabitants a great danger. The more important is a functioning pond protection to ensure the safety of the animals and the pond itself.

Pond Pumps
The pond pump is the core of a pond. Wether it is a fountain pump or a pump for a large garden pond, as a rule, it runs permanently the whole year. When choosing the right article for your pond  you should also consider the energy consumption of the pump besides the pump capacity and the water lift.
It is a mistake to think that more flow rate means clean water. This is the case if it is exclusively a mechanic filter system. In the case of bio-filter systems, the pond pump has to be integrated in the whole system.

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