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Heat Exchangers and Insulating Jackets
The plate heat exchanger can be flexibly used. Small and compact unit, light in weight, it has a great heat transfer capacity due to technically reliable herringbone pattern, high working temperature and operating pressure; the stainless steel secures a good corrosion resistance, simple mounting, requires very little maintenance, low cost, large series unit.

The insulating jacket can retrofit the mounted heat exchangers. The two-piece jacket is joined together by dowel pins and additionally held together by means of a velcro strap. Power dissipation by means of radiation heat of the plate heat exchanger is almost completely stopped and the efficiency of the heat exchanger increased.

Deep well pumps, electric water pumps,
trash water pumps and suitable accessories

Filter for drinking water
Water filters and accessories for reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis ia a process in which the solutes are
removed in a purely physical way. The water is pressed
through a semipermeable membrane whose pores are
so fine that only water molecules permeate.

Domestic Water Supply System
Membranes and pressure vessels for domestic watreworks
pump controls and pressure switches for pumps and compressors,
floating switches, electrical 2- & 3-way valves.

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