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Chocolate melting pot, mailboxes and design scales

This  design articles from our product line stand out through their quality and the beauty of their form. The design kitchen scales are a  tremendous enrichment for every household and the design mailboxes can be the eye catcher of your house especially if they are additionally illuminated.

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Roof gutter brushes
This gutter brush is the excellent roof gutter filter with great advantages:

On the one hand, this kind of protection prevents the rain gutter from being clogged by leaves, needles and the like. The long and sturdy bristles made of plastic prevent the accumulation of foliage and small branches inside the gutter. This in turn makes the rain water drain without any problems, thus making a constant cleaning of the roof gutter superfluous.

The so-called stoppers focused on the clients are the perfect stands not only in front of and inside a shop, in malls and shopping centers but even as a billboard and poster stand at events and fairs.

Tür- & Treppenschutzgitter

Garden Equipment
Our featured articles range from rabbit hatches to garden rollers and road salt to broadcast spreaders. Here you can find various gardening accessories, tools and a lot more.

Pet Supplies
Furthermore we offer for sale a rabbit hutch, with a drawer made of wood that distinguishes itself through its easy use and cleaning.

TV-Wall Mount Bracket
In this category you can find different TV wall mount brackets for LCD, plasma or LED TV. You can choose from a wide range of tiltable or flat wall mounts. Aditionally you can find ceiling mount brackets for beamers.

To choose the right wall mount bracket for your TV you need to know the vesa norm. This indicates the tapped holes where the wall mount bracket has to fixed to the TV.

Design Mailboxes
Our stainless steel mailboxes are made
to fit each house due to their elegance.
Elegance in every house.

Wheelchair & Motorcycle Ramps

Mounting Aids- Drywall Lift & Trasmission Gearbox Jack
The drywall lift is a so called mounting aid. They are used mainly in drawall constructions and enable one person to install plasterboards without greater efforts.
The installing on ceilings or pitched ceilings is not a problem anymore, if you use the drywall lift.

Wheelbarrows and transport platform trolley
Wheelbarrows with pneumatic tyres, platform troleys,
accessories - puncture proof wheels and full-floating axles

Vacuum pumps
Vacuum pumps provide a technical vacuum. The vacuum pumps are used by the maintenance of air conditioning systems in cars.
Our vacuum pumps are efficient and low-priced. They are specially designed for being employed in the air conditioning systems.

Aquarium Lighting
Lighting accessories for aquariums and terrariums.

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