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BGA Infrared soldering sytems
BGA und Infrared Soldering Systems from Aoyue

The heating of the components is achieved through absorption of IR radiation. More information about the operation mode in the product descriptions Aoyue BGA and infrared soldering stations

Soldering Bath & Reflow Oven
Preheater, soldering bath & reflow ofen from Aoyue

Reflow ofen and soldering bath are suitable especially for the prototyping of printed circuit boards. The device remains "fit" for lead-free soldering also at very high temperatures.Aoyue Preaheater, Solder Pot and Reflowofen

Soldering Station
Aoyue SMD Soldering Stations

Soldering station for lead-free and leaded tin-solder are the lone fighters among the Aoyue stations, if you like classic soldering you can definitively find the right soldering station.

Hot Air Reworking
Hot Air Reworking for leaded and leadfree solder.

The SMDs soldering requires a special soldering technology. As a rule hot air soldering stations are used for this. This soldering technology is very efficient when it comes to soldering in and desoldering ICs with many connecting legs in a short time.

Induction Technology
Induction soldering is a non-contact soldering process that generates brazed joints and soft soldering joints between metallic components. This process is not suitable for electronic components because they can be damaged due to the induced currents.

Hotair Reworkstations for leadet solder

The rework stations use the combination of two stations: the hot air stations and the soldering irons or soldering stations. Unlike the hot air soldering stations and the soldering stations, the rework stations combine at least two stations, compact and space-saving.

Lead Free Soldering
Hot air Reworkstation and Soldering Station for leadfree solder.

Since the middle of 2006 theres is no more lead amount in the plumber solder permitted. A lead-free plumber solder has made special demands on the soldering station. Very exact and fast temperature control and tracking. Aoyue has reacted to it with the Lead-Free series.

Ultrasonic Cleaner
The ultrasonic cleaning works on the principle of cavitation. The vibrations generated by the transducer produce tiny, microscopic bubbles that expand and rapidly collapse, which cerate the effective cleaning action on the surface of any solid part.

Working Platform, Tripod & Fastener
Preheater, magnifier lamps and little tools ... Aids, which make the work with the Aoyue soldering stations more comfortable. 

Solder wire & solder flux
Articles which make soldering easier, solder flux, solder wire, helping hand, solder tip cleaner etc.

Vetus Tweezers
Vetus ESD-Tweezers, Switzerland Standard

Aoyue Accessoires
Soldering station accessoires, replacements, hot air nozzles and soldering tips.

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